Art by James Jean

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"Mother and Child" by Henry Moore (1953) 

Anonymous asked: you're gonna be one of those guys that erases the credits and original blogger's name so your own shows up if it's reposted by you? *ignores your blog* that's a shame. you're one of my oldest tumblr follows.

The art was not created by me, nor by whoever blogged it before me. We are all just sharing the work of the actual artist. My ethos is to make sure I always credit the original artist; if I don’t know the artist, I don’t post it. As for the credits, every single post of mine going back to when I started in 2010, I have a consistent format of credits:

"Name of artwork" by Artist Name (date of artwork)

or if the title is unknown,

Art by Artist Name

I have always changed credits to this format when reposting, for four years now and thousands of posts, so I am not sure why NOW you would find this surprising.

I reblog others’ posts, they reblog mine. Who cares who originally posted it? The important credit is the ARTIST, not me, not you. If you feel otherwise, then sure, unfollow me. I don’t understand your issue. It seems childish to me to want credit for posting someone else’s art.

"Good Job!" by Stepanka Jislova

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Art by Wilfried Satty

Art by Dugald Stuart Walker

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"Wedding Gift" by Helice Wen

"Le Surréaliste" by Victor Brauner (1947) 

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Art by Richard A. Kirk

"The Aphex Twin" by Chris Bolton

"Fairy Ring" by Ggasanova

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"Weird Tales" (January 1942)

Cover by C. C. Senf 

Art by Seldon Hunt

"When the Morning Stars Sang Together" by William Blake (1820)

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Art by John Schoenherr